What's with the rates ?

What's with the rates ?


Based on our experience, We have reason to believe that about 90% of you who just saw our rates thought, “Gosh, that’s awfully expensive!
”Well, you’re right, but actually, you’re wrong too.

You’re right because are rates our generally more expensive than our competetors  – You’re wrong when you compare us to most of the competetion. We are not like most limousine companies. We are different- We have over 50 new vehicles in our fleet.  

When you want the best you want Luxury Limousine

Why do more people in the Twin Cities rent from us than any other company ? They do so because they understand that getting an excellent vehicle is similar to staying at a great hotel. You typically get what you pay for ! Why are 4 and 5 star hotels more expensive than the motel 6 ? How can our new fresh stretch hummer compare to there junky old hummer ? We have the cleanest limousines in Minnesota. When you want the best you want Luxury Limousine.

We don't beat our competition on price , we beat them on service.