Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation ?

Six Simple Steps.  

1. Determine the date and time you need to reserve.

2. Determine how many passengers you will need to accommodate. 

3. Check out our vehicles and rates.

   A. Click here for vehicle. 

   B. Click here for rates.

4. Review our general rental policies .

5. After you have determined the date , time , and vehicle you wish to reserve have your credit card ready and call us at 612 333 1095. 

6. Check your email to make sure you have received a confirmation number.   

How much does it cost ?

If you would like to see a list of our hourly rates please CLICK HERE .


What if I need to cancel ?

Although rare, We understand cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. 

Cancellation policies :  
  • All deposits are exact and non-refundable.
  • All vehicles with a seating capacity over 4 passengers must be canceled 14 days prior to the run to avoid charges. Cancellations within 14 days of the run will be charged 100% of the reservation cost listed above ( including the fuel surcharge, std grat ). 
  • Vehicles with a seating capacity of 4 passengers or less for one-way airport transfers within the seven county Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area must be canceled 12 hours prior to the reservation time to avoid being charged 100% of the reservation cost listed above ( including the fuel surcharge, std grat ).
Final Charges :
  • Final charges are not determined until after the ride has been completed and Luxury Limousine's Accounting Department reviews the actual services provided including wait time, stops, parking, possible damages incurred, hourly vehicle(s) times, etc. 
  • Client assumes full responsibility for any and all non payments and agrees to pay for any collection expenses and or attorney fees associated with collection efforts. 
  • In the exceptional event any billing discrepancy or service issue arises, it must be addressed via email to within 24 hours after service has been completed.
  • Before a trip begins clients will be required to show the driver a state or federal identification card in conjunction with the corresponding credit card used to make the reservation. ( airport reservations are exempt from this policy )  

What type of vehicles do you offer ?

If you would like to see a list of the vehicles we offer please CLICK HERE.

Where is your immediate service area ?

Our immediate service area is  one half hour of travel time from our location in Maplewood to the pickup location at no charge.  We have included all of the 494/ 694 loop , Plymouth , Eden Prairie , Lakeville , Maple Grove. We do not charge for bad weather or accidents. All other travel time is charged at the normal hourly rate for the selected vehicle and is added to their respective hourly minimums.

Is there a minimum number of hours I need to rent the limousine for ?

  • Sun -Thurs there is a  2 hour minimum. 
  • Friday there is a 3 hour minimum. 
  • Saturday after 6 pm there is a 4 hour minimum.

When do I pay for the service ?

Deposits are due immediatley upon making a reservation. The remaining balance will be charged to your card 24 hours before your scheduled pick up time.

When do my charges begin and end when renting any limousine ?

In our immediate service area it begins when the limousine arrives at your location and ends when we drop you off.  If you live outside of our immediate service area some travel time from the limousines point of origin and its return to our facility may apply.  When you make your reservation we will tell you exactly how much the limousine is going to cost….no surprises.

Can I change a reservation once I submit it ?

Yes, Depending on our availability we will change your pick up time and location. Changing your pick up date will cost $ 150 and is based on availability. If the date you wish to change your reservation to is not available , cancellation charges may apply. Click here for our full cancellation policy.

Is there a deposit ?

Yes. For reservations that are one hundred to five hundred dollars . There is a $ 200 deposit. 

For reservations that are over five hundred dollars. There is a $ 400 deposit. Deposits are non refundable. 

What happens if my reservation doesn’t end on time or I we want to keep it longer ?

Using the limousine after the designated end time depends on availability. If the limousine has a booking after yours we won’t be able to extend your reservation. If its available, the hourly rate will apply to the extended time. Communicate with your driver regarding availability. If the limousine is not available for extended time, please be considerate of the people using the limousine next and end your reservation on time.

How do I handle the gratuity for the chauffeur ?

An 18 % gratuity is already included into the hourly rate.

Can we drink in the Vehicle ?

Yes. All passengers consuming alchol must be of legal drinking age. The legal drinking age in Minnesota is 21 years old. When alchol is present all minors must be accompenied by a legal guardian or realitive of a legal guardian that is 25 years of age or older.

What comes with the limousine ?

  • Glassware 
  • Ice
  • Banners if requested ( just married , Birthday , Aniversary ) 

Can we rent a limousine for 1 hour?

We do not offer 1 hour rentals. We do however offer one way trips to the airport.

Do I get charged if the weather is bad ?

The Company is not responsible for delays or the termination of runs caused by unsafe road conditions (ie. storms, snow/ice, accidents, etc.).

How far in advance do I need to book a limo ?

Limousine service base on availability, the early you call the better we can serve. Saturday wedding day vehicles ussually are reserved 3 months in advance. Weekend night vehicles are ussually reserved one to three weeks in advance. 

What is the charge if someone gets sick in the vehicle ?

The client assumes full financial liability for any damage done to the vehicle during the duration of the rental caused by themself or any members of their party. A damage fee of $400.00 applies for each carpet or seat burn. Sanitation fee is $350.00. The driver retains the right to terminate run without refund if there is any blatant indiscretion or illegal activity done by the client(s). It is illegal to stand through the sunroof. Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles.

Why can't I just get a ride to and from the event, instead of having a limousine there doing nothing ?

Depending on the event you can. Sunday thru Thursday we offer event packages. This is a package specially designed for events such as a concert or sporting event. For more details on our event packages click here.

Can we get into the bars for free ?

We do not guarentee complentery admission to bars . Getting into a bar for free is completley at the discretion of the bar itself. There are many bars that will waive a cover fee for arriving in a comercial vehicle. The most effective way to handle this is to ask your driver to talk to the door personal prior to bringing your group up to the door iteself. Drivers will present our business card and talk to the door personal on your behafe. All of our drivers have years of expierance handeling this exact situation.

Do you provide champagne?

Minnesota state law has prohibited limousine companies from selling or providing alcohol. Passengers are allowed to bring and consume alcohol inside our vehicles. 

Do you provide service on Christmas and Thanksgiving ?

Yes we do. There is a  25% surcharge based on the fare that will be added to your bill on the following holidays: New Year's Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. 

Is smoking allowed in the limousine ?

Smoking is not allowed in any of our vehicles.

How do I pay for the service ?

Luxury Limousine takes cash and all major credit cards. Visa , Master Card , Discover , and American Express. We do not take money orders , cashier checks , personal or business checks.

Can I request a specific driver ?

We will do all in our power to provide you with your favorite driver. However our employees have specific shedules and may not be available. For that reason we can not always guarantee a specific driver.

Can we eat in the vehicle ?

 We try to be flexible with food. Not all foods are allowed in the vehicles.  If there is food in the vehicle we leave it up to passengers to keep the vehicle clean. If there is an excessive amount of clean up the renter will charged a clean up fee.


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