Helpful hints

Helpful hints

If you have never rented a limousine before here are some helpful hints. 

Know what your paying for

  • There are different classes of , quality , cleanliness and condition between companies.

  • Often there is a correlation between price and quality, To buy and maintain newer vehicles companies must charge more to maintain there service. 

Renting a limousine can be compared to renting a hotel room or buying an airline ticket, different price points often mean different service levels.

Here are 4 comparisons 

  1.  When you rent a hotel room is the cheapest typically the best ? No , The suites are always more expensive .

  2. When you want to fly first class is it typically cheaper than coach ? No first class service is more expensive.

  3. If you only want to pay coach prices don't expect you will be riding in first class.  

  4. Here is an example of a few first class vehicles.


Get the full price : Many limousine companies add surcharges

Reserve early - don't miss your ride

  • Since limos are in high demand during month of december ( holiday light tours, Company Parties ) April and May ( for prom season ).  Saturday afternoons from May to Septemeber ( Weddings ) plan ahead and book your limousine early.  

High Times : 

  • Decemeber ( 3- 4 weeks in advance ) 

  • April - May,  Prom season ( 4 weeks in advance ) 

  • May - Sept, Daytime , Wedding Season ( 6 months in advance ) 

Get an Email Confirmation :

  • Any professional limouisne service will gladly provide you with a signed contract for service. 

  • If a limousine won't supply you with a contract of service , Don't trust them. 

  • At Luxury Limousine , every reservation recieves a contract stating the date, time, vehicle , and price.

Know your group:

  • You're a good person, but if someone in your limousine breaks something expensive, smokes, or gets sick ect. then the person who used their card to rent the limo will be charged.

  • Know the passengers who are riding in the vehicle you have rented. 

  • Know the limousine services policies . Read your final rental contract.