4 Things to consider before booking a limo

4 Things to consider before booking a limo

  1. Know the rental policies. The three most important policies to know are the payment policy , cancellation policy , and the clean up policy. 

  2. If you can, reserve a limousine with room for one or two extra people. Almost every limo service lists there vehicle sizes according to the maxium capacity. This is not the maxium comfort . Comfort level will depend on how many in your group and the average size of your passengers.  

  3. If you are comparing prices from different limo services then get all the pricing details up front . Many companies have different pricing structures. The prices listed on our website is the final price with the the tip , tax , and gas already included. 

  4. Reserve a limousine as far in advance as possible, your favorite limo may already be resereved. You might  be surprised to know we usually are sold out 3 months in advance.

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