Where do I meet my driver ?

Where do I meet my driver ?

Please call your driver directly or our dispatch office at 952 224 6784 once your flight lands (if you do not have checked luggage) or you have collected your luggage from the baggage carousel assigned for your flight. 

The Minneapolis Airport Commission requires all comercial ground vehicles to park in designated areas. Comercial vehicles are not allowed to pick up at the curb. 

Airport arrivals have Two pick up options : 

  1. Have your driver meet you at baggage claim. There is an additional $ 19.50  charge for your driver to park and go inside. 
  2. Meet the driver at valet parking or at the ground transportation lot. Both require you or your guests to go down one floor via escalader or elevator to level T. 
    • Take escalator down one level below baggage, follow sign to "Ground Transportation or Valet parking" . Note the map below Valet parking is immediately at the bottom of the escalader. Ground transportation requires the passengers to take the escalator back up 1 level to the ground transportation limo / taxi area. Walk out to the Limo/Special Call Taxi Area and your car and driver will be there with sign.
    • If you land at terminal 2 From baggage area go up the escalators and cross over the street and back down to the ground transportation center. Your car and driver will be there with sign.

airport map