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concertlimos2Are You Going To See A Concert?

It is the big concert you've been waiting for! This is one of your favorite bands and you can't wait to see them in person, but your not looking forward to fighting the concert traffic, finding parking and having to walk a mile to the stadium and whose turn is it to be the designated driver anyway?

Take all the hassle out of getting to and from the concert. Get door to door service from Luxury Limousine. No worries about traffic, no worries about parking, no worries about how much you've had to drink, just sit back in the comfortable leather seats and have fun!

Have Fun Getting To Concert.

concert-limouisneWhy wait to start your fun! Start the party the minute you get in the limo and have as much fun getting to the concert as you do at the concert!

Why is downtown so Confusing? Many of our customers have complained that traveling downtown minneapolis is difficult and confusing. And we agree. There are so many streets and parking ramps. Ask yourself which parking ramp is the closest to the target center? Do your know of the top of your head. There are over 45,000 parking spots in 3 large ramps surrounding the Target Center. So there is plenty of parking. There is not arguing that. But how do your car after the concert with so many people and cars? But there is major traffic with so many cars trying to get around such a small area. And where did we park the car? Which ramp is already full? No hassle transportation from Luxury Limousine is the simplest more stress free way to travel. Enjoy yourself as you travel to and from the concert in a Luxurious Limousine.

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What is included in the Vehicle ?

  • Glassware
  • Ice
  • Napkins