Minneapolis Prom Limousine

Minneapolis Prom Limousine

April 26th there are no buses available. Every bus we own has already been booked for that day.

Is it really a Prom without a Limo?

Is your prom really going to be fun without a Limo? Only you can say. But... Would you rather have fun with your friends enjoying a great sound system and watching Television in a Limousine? ... Or would you rather take your parents car? It is up to you.

mn_promWant to look Good?

Arriving in style with a limousine not only makes a statement it is an Experience! Imagine how good you will look.... and how sweet you'll feel as you pull up to prom in your very own stretch limousine. If you have never felt famous before.... this just might be what feels like.... With rock star status you'll enter your prom with style.

Want your Prom to Be Extra Special?

Prom is a special day of your high school career. It is a night you will look back and remember for a long time. Make your prom even more memorable by renting a limousine from Luxury Limousine.

Why do parents want to hire a limousine ?

Safety. It is much safer to hire a proffessional driver.  Many proms are far from the typical area kids normally drive. Alcohol and driving never mix well. Underage drinking and driving has resulted in kids not being able to walking down the graduation isle , court fees and probation. Some have lost college scholarships. The excitement of the night and driving a new vehicle has resulted in fresh dents and scrapes that cost parnets thousands of dollars. Prom night should be fun , take the possible problems that arise from driving yourself out of the night. 

Looking for Something Cool to Do after Prom?

We asked you last year to e-mail us what are you going to do after prom.... This is the three most popular answers! Of coarse going out in a limo was Numero Uno!

  1. Get a limo & drive around Downtown all night
  2. Have a party at your house
  3. Go to a Fancy Hotel Lobby and have a N/A Drink

What else should I know ?

When you decide that you want to rent a limo there are several things that you will have to do, prior to calling and leaving your deposit. Although your parents will probably offer to make the arrangements of renting a limo for you, this would be a good time for you to learn how to be responsible and handle business. Of course your parents will still be there to help you along the way.

First it might be a good idea to get a group of friends to share the limo with. This way you can all split the cost, and no one has to worry about transportation. It will also help to make your parents feel better since you will not be driving. Once you get your group of friends together you will then want to sit down, along with your parents, and decide which limo you want to rent for the occasion. There is such a large variety to choose from you should take a group vote, and the majority will decide. Most Limousine companies will offer various prom packages that will help make the limo a lot more affordable for everyone.

What questions do I need to know ?

When you begin searching for which limo company you want to use, you will want to make a list of questions to ask. First you will need to decide as a group how much you are willing to spend, and then stick with the budget. Also decide who’s home will be the pick up location for the limo. It would be easier to decide on one house instead of having the limo drive to each person’s house, they will usually charge you more money for this anyway. Minneapolis Prom limo company will also try to throw in additional items that you do not really need, so make sure you are prepared.

Prior to calling sit down with your group and make up a list of all the limo companies that each of you can think of. Since you should have already decided on what type of limo you want than your first question should be if they have that particular limo available on the date that you want.

Than your first question should be if they have that particular limo available on the date that you want. Do not let them try to get you to change your mind. You want to make sure you stick with what the group agreed on. Next ask them exactly what the minimum rental time is. Some companies will charge you an additional fee if you go over this time frame. Another thing you will want to ask each company is what their cancellation policy is. You never know what may come up.

Here is a list of several additional questions that you will want to ask prior to making your decision on what company to go with:

1. What is the companies cancellation policy?
2. What are the companies policies for deposits?- For example when are they due?, how much are they? etc.
3. Can you see the vehicle prior to leaving your deposit?
4. Do they offer any special prom packages? If so what do they include?
5. Are the vehicles and drivers insured and licensed?

Be sure to include any additional questions that your parents may want to include. 

There are so many people who have had their proms ruined just because they did not ask certain questions and did not thoroughly check out the company. Whatever you decide make sure that you go over everything with your parents. Also when it is time to go pay the deposit and sign the contract make sure your parents, or one of the other parents comes along with you. If you go alone or with a friend they may try to trick you into signing for something you do not really want. 

Have an awesome night to remember. 

Arriving in style not only makes a statement it is an experience! And it does not cost as much as you might think. If your interested in renting a limousine please call us for rates. 612 -333-1095 Once you let us be your prom limousine service you'll want to go to the prom again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in the Vehicle ?

  • Glassware
  • Ice
  • Napkins