City Tours

City Tours

Tour Benifits 
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  • Private Tours - for you and your guests. 
  • Drivers with over 15 years experience  
  • Cleanest vehicles in Minnesota 
Area Highlights 
  •  Downtown Minneapolis
  •  Nicollet Island
  •  St Anthony Main 
  •  Stone Arch Bridge 
  •  University of Minnesota and the Weisman Art Museum
  •  Mary Tyler Moore statue
  •  Basilica of St Mary’s and the Sculpture Gardens.  
  •  Lake Calhoun & Lake Harriet 
  •  Mississippi River Blvd 
  •  Minnehaha Falls and Fort Snelling.


  • Summit Ave
  • Grand Ave 
  • James J. Hill Mansion
  • Governor’s Mansion 
  • St Paul Cathedral on Cathedral Hill
  • State Capital, and Como Park 
  • Rice Park  
  • Landmark Center

Why chose a personalized private tour ? If you have ever been on a large group tour, you know it can be cramped, hot and sometimes a disappointed. Stuck with group of strangers you don't get a personal feeling that a private tour offers. With our Minneapolis Tour you have the option to choose see what your intrested in and skip the things you want. Find something that suits your needs and enjoy as much or as little time at the sites you come across.

This freedom of exploring things you come across for a longer period of time is why people chose us. Have you ever been on a tour and found something that just facinated you ? While later regretting that the tour didn't spend more time there. You may even say I wish , or I wanted to see more of "that". Your time in Minneapolis is precious. For many of you coming back to our city could not even be possible. Spend your time wisely. A private tour will give you the ultimate experience. One you'll never regret.

With us, you have the opportunity to personalize your tour and make it "the dream trip" that you know you deserve. 
Whether you are travelling with family, friends or for the romantic escape, we are positive we have something to offer you.

Together we will organize a truly memorable visit to all the most beautiful sights! 
Private tours are for those who want the most complete exerience of Minnepolis and St. Paul .

 No limousine tour of Minneapolis and St Paul is complete without visiting the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.  If there is time, Sunset’s in downtown Wayzata, on Lake Minnetonka, is a great place to stop for lunch.  Bring your cameras and capture the experience for tomorrow’s memories!

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