6 Helpful tips to make your wedding day transportation perfect

6 Helpful tips to make your wedding day transportation perfect

  1. The first tip is a simple but often overlooked set of questions. Ask your photographer how much time you should allocate for post ceremony pictures at your venue.  Question two,  ask yourself  " Are you having a recieving line ? " Then , Adjust your limousine pick up time accordingly. The average wedding has their limousine pick them up 15-30 minutes after the ceremony has ended.
  2. Ask your venue to block off a parking spot for the limousine.  Churches located within residential areas have limited parking. Many other venues have designated parking spots next to the door for fire lanes, ect. To insure your wedding day runs smoothly ask your venue to block of a spot for your limousine. On average a limousine needs aproximatley 40 feet to park . That's 3 or 4 average parking spots. We have seen too many weddings forget this important detail. You do not want to come out of your ceramony and realize there is no space for the limousine to park. 
  3. Don't waste precious time going to a liquor store after everyone gets into the limousine . By law you CAN drink alcohol inside a limousine. However limousine services in Minnesota are NOT allowed to sell or provide alcohol. This means if you want to drink inside the limo you must bring it yourself. All of our limousines have coolers in them . These are nicely styled ice bins that are built into the interior of the limo. We provide the ice and glassware.
  4. Dump your cooler. Save valuable floor space by transfering the contents of your cooler into ours. There is no need to have a large bulky cooler on the floor of your limo for people to trip over.  Save time by having someone who is NOT in the wedding party be in charge of getting your cooler over to the limousine . Your courteous chauffuer will disperse the drinks from your cooler into the limouisne coolers. 

  5. Are you going to a bar ? It is smart to call the bar the day before to see if they have any events planned. Ask the bar if you can pre-reserve a table. We have seen many wedding parties waste over 20 minutes driving to a bar they weren't able to get into. It happens . Sometimes the bar has a benifit , birthday , or even another wedding there. Do your best to avoid these issues. It's a simple suggestion. Call ahead.
  6. Are you taking pictures at a park ? Make sure you have enough time. Parks are a popular spot to take pictures in the summer.  Many wedding parties shocked to see another wedding is already at their park. Plan extra time for this possibility .  

Luxury Limousine has provided safe , reliable transportation for hundreds of weddings . We hope that these 6 hints help you experience the most wonderful day of your life. Planing the perfect wedding day begins long before the guests arrive. It begins with masterful planning and hiring the rite company .  

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